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The 80’s brought us the best music made ever! It was the time of many great FM radio stations broadcasting all those great tunes worldwide.

In the early 80’s a new music style called Italo Disco was born and most records were produced and distributed by the Disco Magic label from Milano in Italy. Many italo fans also liked the Hi NRG music from the US and Canada that was popular during the same period. Italo was also made in Spain, France, Greece and other European countries. In mostly Germany, Switzerland, and Scandanavia a similar style was produced, called Euro Disco. In fact almost each country had it’s own labels and producers being fans of this music and releasing their own records.

More popular acts having that great 80’s synth sound reached the dance and hit charts and so the music was known by a huge public. Discomagic Radio presents you all these 80’s classics, 24 hours a day non stop. Just like the radio sounded in the 80’s FM period.

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Joe Coccodrillo deejay team in the 80’s

Disco Magic record labels

The Disco Magic record label through the years

Disco Magic sublabels